Superfood and superfruits make easy with two supplements

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Convenience is key to high living quality, and so does your health. Making supplements, superfood and superfruits some of our all time hyped words.

But with all the separated superfood supplements, what is the most optimized combo is the million dollar question.

And to intake resveratrol, Plant based nutrients, anthocyanin, polyphenol, multivitamin etc., you need so many different health supplements. Is their anyway to save time from prepping meals, and money from buying many supplements?

EcKare heard your needs and developed a series of health supplements. Just two of them, you can get all of the above.

Be the goddess:EcKare CharmiC - brightening life - Vitamin C, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Elderberry Extract

People with dedication are charming, but working seriously can cause use eat a little bit off schedule sometimesAn unbalanced diet and a lot of stress sounds inevitable. Plus the habit of sleeping late, our skin gets dull and has an unbalanced tone easily.


CharmiC helps you battle dullness and balance skin tone from inside.

Vitamin C in creams and serum can whiten our skin. Consumption of the vitamin can raise immunity and strong anti-oxidation. And boost collagen formation at the same time. To make sure high quality safe product is delivered to you. We only source Vitamin C from Europe. Formulated with other precious ingredients, it is that easy to have radiant skin like a goddess.

Star's Favorite:Incan Berry, Elderberry, Sea Buckthorn

Precious Perunian Goldenberry is rich in B12 vitamins, multivitamin, protein and dietary fiber Elderberry extract has high concentration of polyphenol and a variety of phytochemicals, that helps adjust the physique & enhances physical strength .

Elderberry has been widely used by European since 1950, phytochemical like anthocyanin, and flavonoids make it a great medicine.

Sea Buckthorn is important in ancient greek, and widely used since then. it contains 17 kinds of vitamins, 18 kinds of amino acids, 24 kinds of minerals & rich flavonoids, which can be used as nutritional supplements to enhance protection

Protect your eyes: North American Sapphire - Wild Blueberry

Wild blueberries come from Canada, where pure spring water and clean air come from, and are grown in unpolluted high altitude boreal forests. According to many international journals, wild blueberries have higher total polyphenol & anthocyanin content & anti-oxidant activity than planted blueberries, indicating that wild blueberries are the first choice of anti-oxidant fruits.

Female health:North American Ruby - Cranberries

Cranberries, A.KA. has been used for more than a century because it's rich in flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, catechin, Vitamin C and organic Acid.

Proanthocyanidins has natural anti-bacterial properties to prevent vaginal infection. Catechin can regulate biological clock, work with the natural cycle of women's health to radiate charm from inside.

Cranberries can taste really sour on your palette, to make it taste better many sugar are added to food products. With this supplements, sugar content is no longer a problem.


Designed for a sachet a day, fuss free and easy to consume.

Curing at ease: EcKare Polyphenols Essence Drink - Berries, Grape seeds extract, Pomegranate

Want to cure your body for radiating healthe from the inside? There are many more choice other than traditional Chinese medication.

EcKare Polyphenols Essence Drink contains the legendary beauty fruit,West Indian Cherries. Infused with berry extract from blueberries, Acai berries and raspberries for high concentration of Polyphenols. Each pack even contains Resveratrol concentration equal to 22100 cup of wine.


Parisian Cure:Resveratrol, Grape seed extract

Resveratrol is a type of Polyphenols, known for enhancing metabolism and staying youthful. Mainly found in grapes, berries and peanuts etc. It helps plant to fight against environmental stress factors. It works the same for your cells.

Aside from beauty benefits, Resveratrol is also crucial to the regulation system, as it is known for regulating cholesterol level and keeping vessels flexible and reducing blood clogging.

Grape seed extract is all about anti-oxidation and anti-aging. Compared to skincare products, ingestion can benefit every cell in your body.

With this drink, you can enjoy the benefits without extra calories from wine.

Ruby of superfruit: Red Pomegranate Extract

Linked to wealth and beauty all through history, till today, red pomegranate is still a star element in Korean style curing.

EcKare Polyphenols Essence Drink contain patent red pomegranate extract. Let you enjoy Polyphenols, multivitamin (B12 vitamins, Vitamin C, K2 vitamin, folic acid), minerals and multiple phytochemicals (anthocyanin, Ellagic acid). Strong in anti-oxidation, raising immunity and nurturing your body.

Just one bag you can get whitening, anti-aging and discoloration power of red pomegranate. Patent technology to keep nutrients during extraction, then sealed for freshness.


A pack a day lets you radiate health from cells.

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