[Christmas Festive Specials] Simple hacks for toned arms

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Flabby arms means you cannot have sexy arms for summer in a strap dress. Now its winter, it makes your arm extra thick in a thick coat. Christmas is coming, remember last year in the party, your girlfriends take off their coats and show lovely arms to wow the guys. And you can just sit there with your coat on?

And toned arms don't necessarily need to come from sweaty cardios or exhausting calisthenics. All you need is some simple exercise, some life saving hacks, some stretching and massaging. Voila, you are ready to wow some guys now.

How to tone your arms? Just need 3 minutes

You don't need to hit the gym everyday, do all the deadlift to firm up your biceps and triceps. Three minutes and three easy fat burners can help you achieve the weight loss you want.

Just try these simple workouts at home, no push ups required. And no nasty gaze from others in the gym. Read on.

Toned arm (Triceps):Arms out and draw circles

Let's start with something easy. First raise your arms parallel to the ground, with fingertips pointing outwards. Draw circles backwards at moderate speed. Each rep lasts for 15-30 seconds. Do 3-5 reps in total with breaks in between.

Remember to keep your arms straight when you draw circles. You won't want any part of your arm doing most of the job.

Toned arm (Biceps):Arm sliders

Now this one needs you to stand against the wall (not laying against it), and do a hands up surrender pose. Now if you have really weak arms, you might feel a little burn holding for 15- 30 seconds.

But let's up the game if we want toned arms ASAP. Move your arm in an upward and downward motion, without flopping forward. Make sure your arms are close to the wall for best toning effect.

Toned arm (Triceps):Tap your shoulder and draw circle

The last group of thin arm movements requires you to spend more effort, but even a thin woman can easily do it. Bend the thin fingers of both hands to touch the shoulders as the main point, and draw a circle forward with the largest radius of shoulder and arm movement. One rep is 15-30 seconds, and rest after doing 2-3 reps.

Extra boost for Extra speed

Want to know why your foodie girlfriend always slim down on time for festive times? Because they also use the hacks below!

Sculpt and nourish at the same time-Body Shaping Cream


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Diet control-Calorie Limit Triple Block


Your friend eat the same all-you-can-eat with you.You put on a few pounds and nothing happened to your friend. Why because she is taking the Calorie Block product you forget to intake daily.

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Deep tissue massage-ELEEELS M1 Pulse Current Massager


Wonder why the star's arm looks slim and not bulky after exercise? The secret is Deep Tissue Massage! The pulse current can help you relax muscle after exercise, at the same time stimulate small muscles. Also enhancing your lymphatic drainage system to stop swelling. ELEEELS M1 Pulse Current Massager can be stuck to different points for specific massage. Handy and efficient.

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