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4711 is a perfume brand that Cologne is proud of. This generous gift from the Germans to perfume lovers all over the world originated from a small gift: On October 8, 1792, the young businessman Wilhelm Muelhens received a wedding gift from the Card monk. Gift, the recipe for "Water of Miracle".

This recipe earned Muelhens the first pot of gold as a prescription, and as the law changed, Muelhen sold it as a perfume instead. And it became the first Eau de cologne in the world.

Why is the brand called 4711?

4711 is the house number allocated to Muelhens' perfume factory in Cologne when Napoleon fought in Europe in the Middle Ages. The brand was named after this and is still in use today. The naming of Eau de Cologne is also related to the establishment of 4711 in Cologne.

The perfume formula of 4711 has not been made public so far. It is only known that it is made of a variety of high quality spices and essential oils. Adding a layer of mystery to the profound historical background of 4711.

Coupled with the brand's DNA of fresh fragrance that is harmonious, inspiring, stable and invigorating. The 230-year history will not bring any dated feeling to the fragrance.

Must have scents from 4711

4711 Eau de Cologne


The must have item for the pick up list has to be the OG version 4711 Eau de Cologne! It is easy to find the remake version of the scent in the market. But the original version created in the 18th century is on the next level.

The fresh fragrance of flowers and fruits does not feel ancient and dated at all. The unisex citrus fragrance and the fragrance of Bulgarian rose make this fragrance full of memories from summer. Woody notes and a base of Tahitian vetiver add depth to the fragrance.

4711 Acqua Colonia Blood Orange & Basil Eau De Cologne Spray


Notes of Acqua Colonia are relatively simplistic and fresh compared to other scents from the brand. It may not stand out enough for serious dinner and balls, it is a great choice as a summer daily work fragrance. For men, try out Blood Orange & Basil Eau De Cologne.

The freshness of blood orange and green notes of basil combine to give exotic attractiveness. Also use the Moisturizing Body Lotion!Pure Volcanic Water in the formula provides a refreshing feeling while intensely moisturizing dry skin. Soothe UV ray damaged skin without stickiness.

4711 Acqua Colonia White Peach & Coriander Eau De Cologne Spray


Girls can try out White Peach & Coriander. Sweet scent of white peach gives the cologne a soft attractiveness, and the coriander adds herbal freshness to the perfume. Simplistic fruity perfume is no longer just sweetness overload! Aroma Shower Gel gently removes impurities without drying out skin. And the scent help your relax from the stressful day.

4711Remix Cologne Lavender Eau De Cologne Spray


4711 introduced this unisex citrus gourmet EDC that can be worn throughout the year. Top notes are lavender, bergamot, mate & lemon. The vibrant freshness then blends into floral middle notes, just like a tea party in the garden. Paraline and woody musk base note add a subtle powdery sweet scent. A great perfume to share between couples.

Sounds like 4711 only has citrus fragrance, you know this is not the truth. 4711 as a two centuries old brand also has a range of floral unisex colognes.

4711 Floral Collection Rose Eau De Cologne Spray


Although it is a woody floral perfume, the fragrance continues the brand's DNA and has a neutral and refreshing take. The fresh tea top note blends into middle notes of rose, freesia and violet to create a touch of sweetness and liveliness. The base note of sandalwood and musk exudes a calm and gentle aroma. Spray it on before a date will make your partner irresistible to you.

4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Floral Fields Of Ireland Eau De Cologne Spray


If you are the type that use only one fragrance as your signature scent, then Floral Fields Of Ireland Is the one for you.The top note of osmanthus with citrus notes is refreshing, together with the herbaceous notes of mimosa , bright floral notes of orange blossom and jasmine as middle notes.

The fragrance is like a carefully arranged bouquet. Sandalwood, cedar and woody notes end the fragrance with a warm feeling. Spray it on before any occasion and be the mystery attractive person of the scene.

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